Real Mad Honey from Turkey and Nepal

two beekeepers in uniform in the middle of the woods

Real Mad Honey is offered from two different countries. But what is the difference between the mad honeys from these two regions?

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Turkey: Turkish mad honey is primarily produced in the Black Sea region, particularly in provinces such as Rize and Trabzon. The bees here mainly collect their nectar from the Rhododendron ponticum species.

Nepal: In Nepal, mad honey is found in the mountainous regions, especially around Annapurna and other parts of the Himalayas. The nectar is collected here from Rhododendron arboreum and other rhododendron species that are specific to these altitudes.


Composition Despite a similar origin of rhododendron plants in both regions, subtle differences in chemical composition can lead to variations in taste and potential effects of the honey.

Culture and Production Methods

There is indeed a difference in production methods, Turkish beekeepers place bees in fields of blooming rhododendrons, while in Nepal, beekeepers in mountainous areas produce the honey.


The biggest difference between the mad honey from Turkey and Nepal is mainly the taste, color, and possibly also the potency. These are largely influenced by the unique natural environments and beekeeping practices of each area.


Generally, Mad Honey from Nepal is stronger than that from Turkey, due to the higher concentrations of grayanotoxins that are typical for the high-altitude rhododendrons. The strength of Mad Honey from Nepal often depends on the cliff height where the honey is produced. Mad Honey from Turkey is generally considered a weaker honey compared to that from Nepal. This is due to the way the honey is produced.

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