Mad Honey Wholesale

Mad honey is a naturally occurring honey made by bees from the nectar of a particular species of rhododendron flowers. It’s famous around the world for its incredible healing properties, helping people treat ulcers, gastritis, open wounds, and other medical issues. Despite being a psychedelic product, this substance is fully legal and regulated.

Today, Real Mad Honey Company gives you an opportunity to become an official Mad Honey reseller. Our partners can utilize their existing wellness network to tap into an unexplored global market and build a client base. You can sell Mad Honey as a stand-alone product or add it to your existing offer.

Mad Honey is a relatively new product that will be interesting to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life. Although it won’t necessarily eliminate your medical issues, it might alleviate pain and inflammation while soothing your body and mind.

Become an Official Reseller of Mad Honey

If you wish to learn more about Mad Honey from Nepal or Turkey for sale, you should contact our company today!

Our long-term resellers receive incredible perks, which would give them a competitive advantage in the market. We also think about your profit margins and are willing to lower our own so you can reap more financial benefits.

Most importantly, our Nepalese and Turkish Mad Honey for sale is fully lab tested. The substance is subjected to a rigorous procedure ensuring complete safety and purity. That way, the end-users can receive a high-quality product without any unwanted ingredients.

This substance is completely legal in the US for all users above 18 years of age.

Benefits of Joining Our Mad Honey Wholesale and Reseller Network

The main reason why you should join our network is the availability and delivery times.

For our European clients, all products are sent directly from our corporative headquarters in the Netherlands. So, if you live in Belgium, Germany, or Netherlands, you’ll get the first shipment within 2 business days. Other European resellers receive the shipment within 3 business days.  For customers in the USA and Canada, we can ship our Mad honey from our fulfilment centre in the USA – delivery time is 2-5 business days.

If you live in another country, contact us beforehand so we can give you a proper assessment of delivery times. Keep in mind that we can’t help with potential customs delays. Still, we’ll do our best so you can get ahold of the product as soon as possible.

As for availability, Real Mad Honey Company already has a large network of partners. Because of that, we receive a steady supply of honey at our headquarters. No matter how much substance you need, we can send it your way in a few hours.

Furthermore, we will list you as an authorised reseller on our store locator, thereby facilitating an increase in customer traffic and affording you a valuable backlink to your website or shop.

Due to the exclusivity of our product we do not sell our product to just anyone in wholesale. In order to become an official reseller make sure to provide is with as much as possible information about your business and intentions with our brand.

If you need more information about the product, make sure to contact us today!