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Truth be told, many people who come to our site aren’t really interested in the honey’s taste (although it’s delicious!) Instead, they are much more intrigued by the substances healing and psychoactive properties. That being said, one of the most common questions we get is can you trip on mad honey?

This incredible substance is a natural phenomenon and probably the most renowned subtype of honey. Still, it’s very different from the regular honey you buy from local farmers. While somewhat similar in taste, it has numerous other properties that make it stand out from similar products.

In this article, we want to answer some of the burning questions about the substance’s psychoactive properties. We will touch on topics such as: “Do you trip on mad honey?” and “How much mad honey makes your trip?” That way, you will know what to expect from this incredible food and how to use it safely.

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Does Mad Honey Make You Trip?

As we’ve mentioned in some of our previous articles, mad honey is full of psychoactive substance called grayanotoxin. The chemical is originally present in Rhododendron flowers, specifically its pollen and nectar. When bees start collecting the pollen, they will also take the psychoactive substance with it. The end product, mad honey, retains a high quantity of grayanotoxin. So, when we consume this food, we will also ingest a large quantity of the psychoactive substance. As the product isn’t heavily processed, unlike some other drugs, it is much more natural and potentially safer for your body. That is if you don’t overdo it. For the most part, mad honey shouldn’t be considered a strong drug. The good news is that most experts don’t consider it an addictive substance, although you can easily get enamored with its trip. If it’s your first time using mad honey, we suggest taking a minimal amount possible to see how your body reacts.

How Much Mad Honey to Trip?

The substance packs quite a punch, especially if you use it uncontrollably. In fact, there were a few extreme cases of overdose due to misuse of this chemical, which is why we always suggest caution to our customers. Ideally, you should follow our dosage guidelines to a T, regardless of your weight and tolerance, to avoid potential consequences.

So, how much mad honey do you need to trip?

According to scientific research, it takes us between 15 to 30 grams of this beautiful honey to experience intoxication. The user will notice the first symptoms after 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. As with other psychoactive substances, the effect will vary based on your tolerance, age, weight, and other biological factors. It’s also affected by honey’s origin.

The potential side effects

The intoxication level will also vary based on the concentration of grayanotoxin in the honey. Interestingly enough, you also have to consider the time of production. According to limited scientific data, products made during the spring will have a much stronger kick than those made during other seasons.

Furthermore, not only can you trip on mad honey, but you can get poisoning if you’re not too careful. In extreme cases, taking more than a teaspoon might cause poisoning. Common side effects of tripping honey may include nausea, vomiting, nodal rhythms, and, in the worst-case scenario, heart block.

Luckily, these issues are rare, especially if you’re using the best mad honey for tripping. This is why it’s crucial that you buy Real Mad Honey or a similar-grade product to avoid harsh side effects caused by uncontrolled substances. Our company performs regular lab tests ensuring the highest quality of the product and, thus, safeguarding your health.

What is a Mad Honey Trip Like?

Tripping on mad honey is a mixed bag combining a sensation of relaxation of euphoria. As with many other psychoactive substances, the sensation might vary from person to person and from product to product.

Although it takes at least 30 minutes for the chemical to kick in, you might notice the first changes after a few minutes. At first, you’ll have a pleasant sensation of euphoria coupled with a de-stressing effect. Your body will slowly start “dropping down,” and you’ll feel distant, followed by lightheadedness.

There are also cases where you might not feel anything at all. Again, this depends on biological factors, quantity, and product used. All in all, the most recurring effect is slight euphoria and a feeling of lightness. Then again, don’t be surprised if your head feels heavy.

The mad honey trip doesn’t cause a “couch lock” effect. For all intended purposes, it is closer to light than heavy drugs and shouldn’t be that harmful in the long run. A good way to tell if a product is strong is based on the color and thickness; the darker, denser honey has a stronger kick.

Mad honey consumption

The cool thing about this substance is that there’s a plethora of ways to use it. The simplest, safest one is to take it in teaspoons, as it makes it much easier to dose. Locals also take the whole wax and suck on it, spitting the wax afterward. However, this might not be recommendable, depending on the strength of the honey.

Like any other honey, you can use it for various meals. It also goes well for desserts, as well as tea and other drinks. In that sense, the substance is somewhat similar to cannabis. Another similarity to weed is that the mad honey’s psychoactive properties might become mellower due to cooking.

Of course, using it as an ingredient for certain dishes can be troublesome, especially if you’re using a stronger substance. Due to its density, it’s hard to spread honey around. So, there might be a heavy concentration of the psychoactive substance in one area, with barely any grayanotoxin in another.

How Long Does a Mad Honey Trip Last?

Typically, the mad honey trip, due to the presence of Grayanotoxin, manifests its psychoactive effects for a duration ranging between 2 and 9 hours, most commonly averaging around 3 hours, with the metabolism and excretion of the toxin ensuring that symptoms do not persist beyond 24 hours. During that time, you can feel might effects and euphoria. Sometimes, people might feel as if they’re experiencing hallucinations, but this sensation might just be due to the mixed effects of the substance.

Whatever the case, we recommend that you take just one teaspoon and wait for approximately two hours for the product to kick in. Taking additional teaspoons can be troublesome and might even lead to intoxication. Furthermore, you should never take the product with alcohol and other drugs.

For the best possible experience, we suggest that you avoid eating any food before consuming the psychoactive product. One of grayanotoxin’s common side effects is nausea and vomiting. So, the more you ate before using mad honey, the more likely you’ll experience these drawbacks.

Mad honey poisoning

Mad honey poisoning is a bit different, and you likely feel the effect for much longer. In extreme cases, the substance will stay in your body for 24 hours and more, during which time you’ll experience sensations of varying intensity. Besides causing strong hallucinations and other side effects, poisoning might cause other, bigger problems.

A user might notice the first effects after several minutes to two hours. It’s generally easy to tell the poisoning as the effect is much stronger than the regular high and lasts significantly longer. When that’s the case, a person should report to the nearest medical facility.

In most cases, the monitoring period lasts up to 6 hours, after which a patient is sent home.

Mad Honey Trip Review

Mad honey is a great-tasting substance. For the longest time, Nepalese and Turkish locals have been using it to treat various ailments. Nowadays, this food is more renowned for its psychoactive properties and the feeling of calm euphoria it provides.

Like with similar substances, it’s crucial that you’re cautious during the first consumption. The intensity of products might vary significantly based on several factors, including the time of harvest and sourcing region. Your trip will also vary based on biological factors and tolerance.

If this is your first time using the product, the Real Mad Honey team suggests you take only one teaspoon and wait for two hours to feel the effect. Avoid consuming any other substance that might alter your reality, including alcohol and other drugs. You should feel the first effects after 30 minutes to 4 hours, and the trip should last for approximately one day.

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