Everything You Need to Know About Mad Honey

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Mad honey, also known as Red honey, is a substance that people have been using for several millennia. It’s world-renowned for its ability to regulate body and mind, helping soothe your stomach, throat, and other systems. Most notably, it’s a strong sedative that can help you calm down when going gets tough.
Despite all the incredible benefits, some people focus on its psychoactive effects. Mad honey works similarly to cannabis by putting you in a peaceful state. However, it’s worth noting that the substance doesn’t alter your visual perception.
In this article, we’ll talk about the mad honey history, how the substance is collected, as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

History of Mad Honey

Mad honey history is much more interesting than you might think. People living in modern-day Turkey have used it since 2100 BC, mostly for gastrointestinal problems and sore throat. Ancient Nepalese described mad honey as a substance that inflicts physical pain before allowing you to reach transcendence.

The first official mention dates back to the 4th century BC. According to a record made by the Greek historian Xenophon, the Greek army tried hallucinogenic honey on their way home after beating the Persians. As they didn’t know how to dose, most of them had to deal with diarrhea and vomiting.

There was also one instance of weaponized psychedelic honey. In the first century AD, the Roman army was chasing after Persians along the Black Sea. The latter set up a trap by leaving crazy hone pots for them to find. The soldiers experienced a strong mad honey trip affecting their ability to fight. Persians took this opportunity and killed 1,000 Romans.

Although usually connected to Turkey and Nepal, you can also find this magic honey in the USA. There is an interesting story involving a regiment of Union troops who tried the substance during the Civil War. Like Greeks and Romans, they had a first-hand experience of hallucinogenic mad honey effects.

Nowadays, this is the most expensive product within the honey category, being sought-after all over the world.

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How Is Mad Honey Produced?

Many enthusiasts have asked us how to make mad honey. Like any other type of honey, this substance is made through pollination, and, importantly, it’s a product of natural beekeeping practices. To be precise, you’ll need flowers called rhododendron and bees from the species Apis laboriosa (the largest bees in the world).

During the process, the bees land on rhododendron flowers and gather the pollen. Then, they fly back to the nest, leaving it there. They commonly carry the pollen with their legs but might also use the hair on their abdomen. Later on, the local harvesters visit the honeycombs and take them back to their villages for extraction.

It’s possible to artificially produce psychoactive honey with the right environmental conditions. These “mad” bees usually nest at heights of 8,200 and 9,800 feet, while rhododendron needs a partially sheltered place with limited access to sunlight. In other words, you would have to be located in a mountainous area.

Harvesting Mad Honey

In normal, natural conditions, mad honey can only be found at 8,000 feet above the ground. Harvesters commonly use rope ladders to reach nooks and crannies within mountains where Apis laboriosa swarms have their nests. But before they can access the hives, the harvesters light fires at the base of the cliffs meant calm down the bees.

Once the insects are calm, another team lowers the ladder from atop the cliff. Then, they climb down the ladder barefooted for extra grip. The harvesters use long poles to detach the honeycombs from the stone. Once the honeycombs fall down, they’re collected and brought back to villages where mad honey is extracted for further use.

Uses of Mad Honey

Rhododendron is a hallucinogenic flower that contains grayanotoxin in its nectar and pollen. It’s a toxic substance that can be dangerous for certain species, like horses. However, in smaller quantities, the chemical also has medicinal uses. For example, it can improve your digestion and other metabolic processes.

Over time, people have explored various mad honey uses. According to locals, this substance is much stronger and more beneficial than regular honey. In Turkey and Nepal, it’s mainly used for gastrointestinal disorders like gastritis and ulcers, and hypertension. However, you might also try it for mild health issues such as sore throat.

Perhaps the most intriguing effect comes in the form of improved erectile function. Some users claim that the mad honey works like a powerful aphrodisiac, boosting desire and performance. Although we don’t have much data about this, this trippy honey might have a similar impact on females as it has on males.

Precautionary Measures

Keep in mind that some of these benefits only apply when the mad honey dosage is low. In larger quantities, the substance may cause adverse effects. For example, it might irritate your intenseness instead of calming them. So, if you wish to use it as a holistic substance, you should consult experts beforehand.

Lastly, you should take all these mad honey benefits with a grain of salt. While we have strong empiric evidence of its positive sides, there’s still not enough medical data to corroborate some of these claims.

The Sedative Effects and Potential Risks of Mad Honey Consumption

Using mad honey provides strong sedation but doesn’t necessarily alter your visual perception. In that sense, it wouldn’t be surprising if people one day started using the substance as an anxiety treatment. Still, that doesn’t mean you can use enormous quantities without any repercussions.

This potentially dangerous honey can cause severe intoxication in humans. Although it rarely causes death in people, there were several cases of animal death caused by mad honey consumption. Symptoms can vary significantly based on the user’s metabolism, tolerance, and the quality of the product.

As previously mentioned, honey can help tackle hypertension. However, this also means it can potentially be dangerous for people with low blood pressure. In higher quantities, it can reduce your blood pressure to dangerous levels while also affecting your heart rate.

After consuming mad honey, you can experience effects such as salivation, sweating, and nausea. Additional symptoms include diplopia, blurred vision, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, paresthesia, convulsion, changes to consciousness, ataxia, loss of motoric function, and weakness.

Mad Honey High and Dosage

Despite all the positives, many people use mad honey for its psychoactive properties. Mad honey high is similar to that of weed, providing full body and mind relaxation.

You shouldn’t consume more than one or two tablespoons of the substance. After approximately 0.5 to 1 ounce, you’ll start feeling the intoxicating effect. The high appears after 0.5 to one hour and can last for 6 hours. Like with other psychoactive substances, the trip will vary based on your tolerance, body constitution, and quantity.

The Real Mad Honey team suggests that you always control your consumption. As fun as mad honey might be, excessive use can make you dependent or cause severe side effects. If you experience strong symptoms, like vomiting, seizures, or altered heart rate, seek medical assistance immediately.

Legal and Ethical Considerations of Mad Honey

Every once in a while, our fans ask us is mad honey legal. Although you can use the product freely in the US and the UK, it’s prohibited in South Korea.

So, if you live in the States, you won’t get into trouble when buying the substance from local resellers. Nevertheless, you should be careful when carrying mad honey to other countries. Make sure to check the local regulation before putting this tasty product in your luggage.

Mad honey is easily obtainable through various online platforms, including our Real Mad Honey store. Although you can find cheap products that go for $10 to $15 per ounce, we suggest you avoid them. Quality mad honey is more expensive than that, costing at least $30 to $35 per ounce.

Ethical Aspects

Mad honey has been a part of holistic practices for centuries. Even today, the Turkish and Nepalese locals use small quantities of the substance to treat various ailments. Mad honey is an important part of the local, regional culture and a common substitution for expensive, brand drugs.

Still, different people have different perceptions as to how the substance should be used. With its global expansion, mad honey enthusiasts have started experimenting with the product, trying to treat various conditions even if it goes against the recommendation. This can be dangerous, given the potential side effects that the product carries.

Keep in mind that mad honey isn’t supposed to replace sanctioned medical treatments in your country. You might use it as a supplemental substance, but only with the right control and in moderation. That being said, medical experts who offer this product instead of the common therapy can be perceived as unethical.


In many ways, mad honey is a fascinating substance. It can only be gathered in a few locations around the world, which gives it exclusivity. The dangers associated with collection are another reason why the product is so expensive.

Whatever the case, mad honey is a potent holistic substance. When used in moderation, the product can reduce your blood pressure, treat sore throat, improve respiratory function, and provide numerous other benefits. There are also those who use it as a delicious replacement for cannabis.

If you wish to try this amazing substance, you should check out some of the amazing mad honey products available in our store!


Does mad honey help you sleep?

Mad honey has been reported to have sedative effects, which might help some people sleep.

How can I tell if the honey I’ve purchased is truly mad honey?

The best way to differentiate mad honey from other products is by consuming it or by checking the manufacturer’s label. Unlike regular products, mad honey provides a strong sedation effect. Also, you can ask the provider for a lab report showing the grayanotoxin levels in the honey.

Can I cook with mad honey, or should it only be consumed raw?

Ideally, users should eat mad honey raw to get the most out of its properties.

Who should avoid consuming mad honey?

Individuals with low blood pressure, heart problems or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid consuming mad honey due to the potential health risks. Similarly, it’s not recommended for children or anyone who is sensitive to its effects.

Does mad honey make you hallucinate?

Mad honey can cause hallucinations and light-headedness, but it can also provide certain health benefits.

Is mad honey the same as manuka honey?

No, they’re not the same. In the manuka honey vs. mad honey debate, manuka honey originates from the manuka bush and has antibacterial properties, while mad honey, with its psychoactive effects, comes from rhododendron flowers. But also had some antibacterial properties.

Does mad honey show up on drug tests?

No, it doesn’t. The grayanotoxins found in mad honey are not typically included in the substances screened for in standard drug tests.

Can mad honey kill you?

While fatalities are extremely rare and usually caused by uncontrolled use, the superfood can still lead to life-threatening arrhythmias.

Does mad honey get you high?

Mad honey has psychoactive properties and can easily get you high. It takes between 15 and 30 grams and approximately 4 hours to experience these effects.

Does mad honey really work?

Whether we’re talking about psychoactive or medical effects, mad honey will definitely provide tangible effect.

How much mad honey to take?

Generally speaking, you should never take more than one or two teaspoons of mad honey. Limited consumption is especially important if you’re not used to the substance and its effects.

How much honey can kill you?

Any quantity above one or two teaspoons should be considered excessive. Although it’s hard to say how much mad honey would kill you, we still suggest you don’t exceed these recommended limits.

How do you make mad honey?

Mad honey is made when bees collect rhododendron flowers. Due to the natural habitat of these flowers, it is hard to replicate conditions in which mad honey would be produced.

How much mad honey to hallucinate?

The required quantity can vary depending on the product quality and your tolerance. However, an average-sized person should feel the psychoactive effects already after consuming a single teaspoon.

Where does mad honey come from?

Mad honey is a substance indigenous to Turkey and Nepal.

How strong is mad honey?

The mad honey’s potency can vary from beehive to beehive and from region to region. Regardless of where you procured the substance, you should be extremely careful when administering it. That way, you can avoid potential side effects.

What makes mad honey hallucinogenic?

Mad honey is hallucinogenic because it contains grayanotoxins. These chemicals are found within rhododendron flowers, which bees use for honey production.

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