The Origin of Real Mad Honey

a person on a ladder at the side of a giant cliff hunting for nepalese mad honey

The Research

Real Mad Honey originated from curiosity about mad honey. This interest was sparked after watching a VICE documentary. During research in Nepal and Turkey, the creators of Real Mad Honey discovered how the population used mad honey to treat physical and medical complaints, such as headaches or to lower blood pressure.

The absence of 100% natural mad honey on the market only fueled the desire to launch a 100% natural mad honey. This interest led them to a Turkish beekeeper.

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How It Is Made

First, the bees collect nectar from the flowers of rhododendron plants. These plants contain grayanotoxins, substances that give the honey its characteristic properties.

Next, the bees store the nectar in the beehive. During this process, the grayanotoxins from the rhododendron plants are transferred to the honey. Once the nectar is processed into mad honey, the beekeeper harvests the mad honey from the beehive and then processes it into honey.

What is special about this mad honey is that it contains substances that can cause psychoactive effects in high doses. This substance is called grayanotoxins. Although Real Mad Honey has a 100% natural effect, it cannot be said with 100% certainty that the product contributes to a healthier functioning of the body. More research on mad honey is needed for this.


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