The Benefits of Real Mad Honey

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were already aware of how special mad honey is. Queen Cleopatra, for example, is said to have used mad honey to achieve and maintain beautiful skin. The current inhabitants of the Himalayas and Turkey also attribute medicinal properties to mad honey. We'll list a few here:


The system responsible for causing your body to fall asleep could be promoted by taking one tablespoon of mad honey. As a result, mad honey can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Cough Medication

The bitterness and taste of mad honey, especially with a burning cough, makes the cough and sore throat disappear.

Lowering cholesterol

Mad honey contains antioxidants that remove toxins from your body and protect you from disease. In addition, it could lower cholesterol.

Mad honey for stomach and intestinal complaints

Mad honey can also relieve stomach and intestinal complaints. According to the indigenous population, it can help against indigestion, stomach ulcers and inflamed gastric mucosa. A dose of mad honey also helps when you suddenly get a stomach ache.

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