The Origin of Real Mad Honey

a person on a ladder at the side of a giant cliff hunting for nepalese mad honey

The Research Real Mad Honey originated from curiosity about mad honey. This interest was sparked after watching a VICE documentary. During research in Nepal and Turkey, the creators of Real Mad Honey discovered how the population used mad honey to treat physical and medical complaints, such as headaches or to lower blood pressure. The absence […]

Real Mad Honey from Turkey and Nepal

two beekeepers in uniform in the middle of the woods

Real Mad Honey is offered from two different countries. But what is the difference between the mad honeys from these two regions? Table of Contents Origin Turkey: Turkish mad honey is primarily produced in the Black Sea region, particularly in provinces such as Rize and Trabzon. The bees here mainly collect their nectar from the […]

Use and Effects of Real Mad Honey

wooden spoon with honey dropping down

Real Mad Honey, originating from Nepal and Turkey, is known for its unique effects and uses. Consuming Mad honey can take positive effects and negative effects with it. Here’s an in-depth look at its use and effects. Table of Contents Methods of Use Real Mad Honey can be used in various ways: Taken directly: Real […]

Characteristics of Real Mad Honey

Honey in a small cup with a wooden stick and small leaves on the table

Real Mad Honey, also known as “deli bal” in Turkish, is an unusual honey variant derived from the nectar of Rhododendron plants. These particular plants contain substances that give the honey a special and sometimes psychoactive quality. Real Mad Honey is especially known for its unique characteristics. Table of Contents Psychoactive Substances Real Mad Honey […]

Health Benefits of Mad Honey

glass jar in a hexagon shape which contains mad honey stading on brown wood with a honey dipper and plants laying next to it

Mad honey has been used by mankind for several millennia. Although often mentioned for its psychoactive properties, we can’t neglect the health benefits of mad honey. This wondrous substance can have a significant impact on your digestive tract and address wounds and inflammations. The natives also use it for respiratory conditions, as well as some […]

The Mystical Influence of the Rhododendron Flower on Honey

blue lotus with rain drops all over the flower

Rhododendron flowers are beautiful species that come in various shapes and forms. They can be a great addition to just about any garden, and you can mix and mash them with other beautiful plants. However, despite their fantastic appearance, the genus holds a terrible secret. In this article, we’ll talk about the plant and its […]

Himalayan Giant Honey Bee (Apis laboriosa)

a person on a ladder with a long stick and a beehive at the end of it hanging on the side of a cliff

Himalayan giant honey bees are one of the few remaining mysteries in the insect world. These magnificent insects are considered the biggest bee species in the world, and they occupy Himalayan mountainous areas. Besides their size, Himalayan bees have become popular because of their “mad honey,” a strong psychoactive substance that can completely alter your […]

Mad Honey Trip Report

small jar with honey and a honey dipper on a black plate with a bigger glass jar in the background

Truth be told, many people who come to our site aren’t really interested in the honey’s taste (although it’s delicious!) Instead, they are much more intrigued by the substances healing and psychoactive properties. That being said, one of the most common questions we get is can you trip on mad honey? This incredible substance is […]

Honey Hunters of Nepal

mountains with snow on top of it

Nepalese honey hunters are a small group of people who risk life and limb to collect one of the juiciest substances in the world. During arduous “honey hunts,” they climb local cliffs in search of popular mad honey, a substance with strong medical and psychoactive properties. In this article, we’ll talk about honey hunters, the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mad Honey

glass jar of mad honey on a wooden table with a honey dipper laying next to it

Mad honey, also known as Red honey, is a substance that people have been using for several millennia. It’s world-renowned for its ability to regulate body and mind, helping soothe your stomach, throat, and other systems. Most notably, it’s a strong sedative that can help you calm down when going gets tough.Despite all the incredible […]