Everything You Need to Know About Mad Honey

glass jar of mad honey on a wooden table with a honey dipper laying next to it

Mad honey, also known as Red honey, is a substance that people have been using for several millennia. It’s world-renowned for its ability to regulate body and mind, helping soothe your stomach, throat, and other systems. Most notably, it’s a strong sedative that can help you calm down when going gets tough.Despite all the incredible […]

The Principles and Importance of Natural Beekeeping

beehive at the side of a mountain overlooking the area

Natural beekeeping refers to a more natural and sustainable method of harvesting honey and other byproducts. This approach has become popular in the last few years as the global bee population has started dwindling. Many people nowadays consider this method as the only ethical thing you can do. Bees in natural beekeeping hives live longer […]

What To Know Before Eating Hallucinogenic Honey From Nepal

person with yellow gloves holding a mad honey jar with the honey spilled all over the jar and glove

Nepalese hallucinogenic honey is special honey made from a rare species of rhododendrons. Bees that live on the mountainsides of Nepal feed on these flowers and produce a special type of honey, which looks and tastes different from the honey you know. Hallucinogenic honey from Nepal is rare. It’s not as sweet as traditional honey […]

Rare Psychedelic Honey from The Mountains of Nepal

blue lotus flower with yellow in the middel of the flower and a green shady background

Is it possible to get natural psychedelic honey? For centuries, mad (also called psychedelic) honey has been used by people for a variety of purposes, including relaxation and medical treatment. Bees produce psychedelic honey in the mountains of Nepal and Turkey. This type of honey is rare but highly demanded by people who live in […]