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Real Mad Honey
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The ultimate try out package to order the mad honey from Nepal and Turkey, only available at Real Mad Honey! Turkish mad honey is extracted by small local beekeepers and the honey from Nepal is wild honey extracted in the Himalaya mountains. We deliver both honeys directly from the beehive and it is therefore 100% natural: unprocessed, unfiltered and without additives.


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Real Mad Honey
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Natural Mad Honey, which has been used as a medicine for thousands of years by the locals in the Himalayas and the Black Sea region. The honey also has an intoxicating effect.

Mad Honey gets its name from its intoxicating properties. The honey contains the chemical grayanotoxin, because it comes from the nectar of the rhododendron plant. Grayanotoxin, also called “rhodotoxin”, will makes you feel good when you eat this honey.

You can recognize original mad honey by its dark colour and the typical bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately, not all mad honey you can buy online is actually mad honey. Real Mad Honey therefore has its honey tested in a renowned lab. In this way we can be sure that our mad honey meets the highest quality requirements and at the same time guarantee your safety. Do you want to buy mad honey online? Always check whether the supplier has a transparent laboratory report.



中くらい, 大きい, 小さい, 小さい, 中くらい, 大きい