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What is Blue Lotus?

The blue lotus, also called the blue water lily or in Latin nymphaea caerulea, was a sacred flower thousands of years ago in the time of the ancient Egyptians, also called the sacred blue lily.

Due to its relaxing effects and aphrodisiac properties, the flower was often used in spiritual rituals. The plant has therefore been found in the tombs of various Egyptian pharaohs, including Tutankhamun. Not only the Egyptians used the effect of this sacred flower, the flower has also been found in remnants of the Roman Empire and with the Greeks. The blue lotus is often referred to as the world’s first “drug”.

Legal status

To our knowledge, Blue Lotus is legal in every country (with a few exceptions) in the world, however, it is your responsibility to check before ordering.

In Russia, Latvia and Poland buying/ owning blue lotus is illegal. In the USA, consuming the blue lotus is illegal, but owning or buying the plant is legal.

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Effects and side effects

The blue lotus has a very calming effect, comparable to a mild high in which stress and anxiety are reduced and has a positive effect on the mood. Due to its calming effect, the blue lotus has a very beneficial effect on sleep, some also believe that the plant can help induce lucid dreams.

Blue Lotus contains the alkaloids apomorphine and nuciferine which are the main active substances in the plant and its effect is explained. In addition, the blue lotus contains more than 20 different antioxidants and is rich in vitamin B. As a result, the flower is not only slightly psychoactive, but also very healthy. It lowers blood sugar *, cholesterol, speeds up metabolism and has a positive effect on the immune system!

There are people (both men and women) who use the blue lotus as an aphrodisiac, it is said that (regular) use of the blue lotus can significantly improve sexual performance. However, not enough scientific research has been done to confirm this. The ancient Egyptians are also known to use the blue lotus as an aphrodisiac.

* Because blue lotus lowers blood sugar, people with diabetes have to be extra careful when using blue lotus!



The most common method of consuming blue lotus is to make tea from it. Mix between 250 mg and 2000 mg depending on the desired strength of our extract with boiling water and let it soak for about 15 minutes before drinking, don’t forget to stir well! The taste is pleasant.


A very popular way of consuming the sacred lotus by the ancient Egyptians is by steeping it in wine. Mix between 250 mg and 2000 mg depending on the desired strength of our extract with a bottle of wine and let it sit for a few days. We ourselves recommend a sweet wine because otherwise the wine can become quite bitter. Keep in mind that when consuming you will experience the effects of alcohol in addition to the effects of the blue lotus! Furthermore, these two can be easily combined, the mix of these two gives a very pleasant effect. This combination also works with other alcoholic beverages.

Smoking or vaping

It is also possible to smoke or vape the plant. Twist the extract into a cigarette, joint, or put it in a bong or pipe and enjoy the effect. A healthier option is to vape the herb, the ideal vape temperature is slightly between 100 and 125 degrees Celsius. The standard dose when smoking or vaping is 250 mg.

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Blue Lotus
Extract X25

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Blue Lotus Extract